Vinyl, magnetic, metal and other stick on signage letters

CNC Laser Cutting

Kinda Plastics can cut literally any shape that you may desire in a wide range of materials and thicknesses.

Letters, Logos, Intricate shapes, Stencils and templates - Kinda Plastics ' professional approach and expertise will enhance your promotion.

Vinyl, magnetic, metal and other stick on signage letters

At Kinda Plastics we have been supplying the sign trade for many years with high quality custom fabricated 3D letters in a size style and colour to suit your particular needs. We can work with your drawing or create a style for you. Each letter is handcrafted in our workshop to meet your expectations.

Signwriting services and printing

  • Made to order Signs for buildings and shops and factories
  • Crafted 3d cut letters for shopping centres
  • Metal letters for public furniture, statues and other features
  • Rockwall lettering for decorative wall features, estate entrance and property suburb development entrances
  • Plastic letters for putting on side of buildings, doorways
  • Vinyl letters in all colors for self adhesive lettering - glass, plastic, metal, panel, outdoor signage and more.
  • Working for Advertising marketing promotion media agencies

Our signs are made direct for the public, builders and fitters

3d acrylic letters
Lasercut acrylic letters
thick cut 3d acrylic letters